(1)EB-2 NIW eligibility (2)Timing for work permit with spouse EB-2 application

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I have some questions about EB-2 process. I appreciate your response to solve my confusion of the process. Let me briefly introduce my background: I hold H1b status, working for a state university as a staff, with master's degree. The university responded to my inquiry of sponsorship of green card as, they don't sponsor non-faculty members. As result, I am exploring options to sponsor by myself. I don't think I am eligible for EB-1. I wonder, am I eligible for EB-2 NIW. With what kind of qualification would be eligible for EB-2 NIW?

I have another option is to apply the green card with my spouse in the future. My spouse is from China, which means there will be a waiting time for the priority date. My concern is my H1b would expire before he gets the green card, then I cannot work for a long time. I know there is three steps in the green card application, including PERM,  I-140 and I-485. If my spouse is the primary applicant for the green card in the future, and take me with him in the application, I wonder at what step he could apply the working permit for me?

Thank you. I would be very appreciated of your answers.



Hello, we appreciate your support, due to the complexities of your question we recommend you to give us a call at 800-685-6947.
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